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My experience with Oasis Exit Solutions has been great. These people are professionals that know what they are doing. They are very knowledgeable about the timeshare business and how to help you. They also care about their clients. They took the time to detail every aspect of the process for me. They were always very attentive to all my concerns and always took my calls and e-mails. These people did what they said they would and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing help with a timeshare company. I have never ever written a review, but Oasis Exit Solutions, I think deserves one.

- Joan & Mark L.

As a person determined to obtain a cancellation of my timeshare, I spent a number of years and no small amount of money searching for the right people to help in that objective. I met one expensive dead-end after another until finally I found Oasis Exit Solutions whose personal assistant, Diana Jones, has been relentless in pursuing my Timeshare Company on my behalf to a successful conclusion. I heartily recommend Diana and Oasis Exit Solutions to any who are equally determined to escape the negative consequences of Timeshare ownership.

- Leigh & Marcus W.

It’s been quite a process and we’re not completely out of the woods yet, but it looks like Oasis Exit Solutions has rid ourselves of the costly time share that we had. I was afraid of throwing good money after bad when I first heard of Oasis, but Diana J has always been very attentive and helpful to our case. I would recommend them anytime.

- Brett & Linda R.

Diane Jones has been my case manager almost from the beginning. She was very understanding and able to keep me motivated with the activities she carried out. A year later I have Wyndham off my back and am waiting for one big charge on an account they (Wyndham) incurred with my credit card.” Thank you Oasis !

- Ann R.

The people I dealt with at Oasis were kind, understanding of my situation, and extremely helpful. This company was able to force the time share resort that I had two contracts with, to cancel both contracts. They saved me thousands of dollars based on the high interest loan papers I had signed and the endless monthly fees for maintenance expenses. I did have to pay what I thought was quite a bit of money to them, however, when I think about all the monies they saved me from paying in the future, it was worth it. Once my case manager began writing letters to the resort, LOTS HAPPENED. Within two months I had my contracts cancelled. These people will work with you and help you any way they can to get out of these unethical contracts. I definitely recommend this company.

- Jennifer & Larry M.

My experience with Oasis Exit Solutions was very positive. While I felt at times I didn’t know what to do, they were very diligent about guiding me through the process and what to expect. I know there are a few complaints on this company, but quite frankly, I’m very thankful I went with them. They tell you up front if they can help you or not. No smoke and mirrors. Most importantly, they did what they said they would get me from under that terrible timeshare contract. If you are on the fence about this company, I recommend giving them a call; trust me, you will fare better in the long run.

- Jade & Thomas J.

Oasis Exit Solutions did an excellent job in helping us get out of our timeshare obligations. We were told that it could take at least 12 months, but Oasis was successful for us in about 9 1/2 months. They did a great job and we would gladly refer them to anyone who would like to get this burden off of their backs. Sincerely,

- Edith & Craig

Oklahoma City, OK

We contacted Oasis Exit Solutions in June of 2015 about our 2 times and they began to help right off. They told us to stop paying because of the lies we were told and said they could help. As of Nov. 2015 we are completely rid of both timeshares. I would recommend them to anyone who has a problem with a timeshare.

- John & Britney S.

I am amazingly impressed although I was NOT at first…ONLY because we had been screwed by those freakin’ Time Share people in Las Vegas!!! I took my time to find someone to assist and read reviews about them and I felt really good about them, PLUS, there was a money back guarantee benefit as well as they worked with us on payment arrangements. They really go into their job and did/do it well. We started our dispute with the Time Share in Aug 2015 and they had it resolved by April 2016, which was our 1yr we would’ve had the Time Share. WE PAID NOTHING TO THE TIME SHARE AT ALL, despite of the threatening and scary letters and other tactics. What a relief and how AMAZING, friendly and extremely professional they all are. Got it off my credit in less than a month!

- Rebekah & Carlos C

This is a legitimate company, I was frauds by two other companies and Oasis Exit Solutions was my last hope before I gave up. Sarah and Miranda held my hand and not only got rid of my timeshare but also took them off of my credit report. I was denied credit and could not buy a home. Thank God for them two and Oasis. If you lean on them and follow up with the paperwork they ask for it is true they guarantee to get rid of your timeshare.

- Javier & Selma L

Hi Jonathan, Thanks for reaching out. I used your service and received my debt cancellation notice and I am now timeshare free. Thanks. A Satisfied customer!

- Sandra J

Cancelling our time share was easy. All because of Natalia, thank you for your great service. We highly recommend this company to family, friends, and all who are tired of wasting money on timeshare.

- Linda & Maggie

I called **redacted name** resort intending to sell our timeshares, and was told all these wonderful things about renting my time share .we paid a fee for the company to sell our Timeshares. I was told numerous times that they would be selling it very shortly. I paid $917; we were told that within a week our timeshares will be sold but alas it never happened. There was no progress, or had any communication from the company in over three years since I paid the fee. 2009 we moved to USA from Britain and became so aggressive in trying to sell the timeshares or get it cancelled, .scam, scam, scam. To cut the story short I went online to look for companies that could help us get rid of these shares luckily I came across Oasis , a company that did wonders to us, our credit history was ripped to shreds with **redacted name** resort international ,we couldn’t get a mortgage for 3yrs in a row. But Oasis took our burden /case , and guess what our timeshares were cancelled last year and we were rebuilding our credit since then can happily say that we got approved for a $300,000 home with our closing date coming soon,. We are over excited with these developments. For all you out there struggling to get rid of your timeshares I would ask you to take on Oasis, they will help you out, their payments are flexible you can discuss a payment plan like what I did. Thank you for you help.

- Erasmus F

Natalia P helped us a great deal. We had stopped paying our ** redacted name ** Resort Timeshare, had been contacting them monthly requesting a Mutual Release because of financial difficulties and ** redacted name ** blatant lies (sold an Ambassador suite in FL where they only had Presidential), after almost 2 yrs, ** redacted name ** filed a Foreclosure against us and even though we could not afford an attorney, Oasis Exit Solutions – particularly Natalia, offered advised on legal documents that we should file. After about a week after filing our “Answer” along with evidence of their lies, and her link to ** redacted name ** (stating from their own mouths that they do not usually foreclose, but prefer to have the consumer sign back over the Deed and that the timeshare companies have a monopoly on the timeshare market-owners can’t sell or rent them), we feel it really convinced their lawyer to advise them to just have us sign the Mutual Release and the BOI Deed (along with a Confidentiality Agreement – which we did not sign or return to them). So, yesterday, we received an email from the FL Court (we live out of state) that their attorney filed a “Notice of Dropping Party”. We are so happy that our prayers along with the help from Natalia at Oasis Exit Solutions…You CAN FIGHT AND WIN even without an attorney!

- Barbara & Herb W

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