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​If you’ve been a timeshare owner for too long, and have only now realized that the timeshare salesperson misled you at the time of purchase, we can help you learn more about your options and get your hard-earned money back from your timeshare property. Many people think that because they signed a contract or they waited too long it’s not possible to get out of their timeshare. But it’s VERY possible and even simple to get the timeshare contract cancelled and possibly recoup losses. At Oasis Exit Solutions we’ve helped thousands of people get out of their timeshare contract even if their timeshare cancellation period is over.

Our services are 100% guaranteed to get you a final timeshare cancellation so that you don’t have to deal with the financial burden of owning a property you’re not using. Why not save the extra money for something you care about? We are the leaders in the business of helping you obtain a legal timeshare cancellation. Contact us today for your free personalized consultation. To establish if you qualify for a compensation claim we will need to complete a full assessment of your Timeshare ownership. Listed below are some of the points used to establish eligibility to claim. If our initial assessment determines that you do have a valid claim one of our advisers will contact you to talk you through the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

  • Has your maintenance increased year on year above the rate of inflation?
  • Are you tied into a perpetuity contract?
  • Did you pay a deposit on the day of sale?
  • Do you feel that you were lied to or that the timeshare was misrepresented at point of sale?
  • Have you ever tried to sell your timeshare but were unsuccessful?
  • Were you told that you would be able to ‘give back’ or ‘resale’ your timeshare if you no longer wanted or needed it and have since found out that this is not the case?
  • ​Were you told that your maintenance fees would never increase?
  • Was your timeshare sold to you as an investment?
  • Has your exchange company failed to provide you with the exchanges requested?
  • Have you experienced any other problems with your ownership that have gone unresolved?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions call us for a free personalized consultation and case review.

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